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At the intersection of ancient, contemporary and futuristic art

Jelena Popadic
Jelena Popadic - Gatekeepers
Maria Usanova
Maria Usanova - Oriental Lady
Marijn Wensveen
Marijn Wensveen - Golden Glow
Akberova Afag
Akberova Afag - Azerbaijani Beauty

What do we do?

As a Community we are doing research on the art world. What is it, who is part of it, where do trends come from and where are they going?
Our portal is a door, entrance and meetingpoint inside the global art market for art professionals, creatives and art lovers.

ArtaRoma Services for Art Professionals

$ARTA — The Art World Cryptocurrency will be used within the ArtaRoma ecosystem to allow people to use their tokens to purchase various services and products. It will be a token with a very limited supply, with only 1.000.000 tokens.
ArtaRoma Emporium is the digital marketplace for fine art, fashion and design. Create your ArtaRoma Emporium account and start selling your art today.
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ArtaRoma invests in the members of its own community.
A 1% token tax (sell/buy) and 10% of sales of all artworks and NFTs will be used to invest in artists, designers and women-led small businesses worldwide to produce handicrafts, fashion, promotional merchandise and creative works for ArtaRoma.

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